Target Industries

Whether it is in Aerospace & Defense (A&D), Technology, Media & Telecom (TMT), or Next Generation Energy (NGE), facilitating value producing collaborations, between large–scale players and private capital backed start–ups that leverages non–dilutive sources of funding, requires a skill set truly unique to Oglethorpe Capital. Oglethorpe maintains access to C-Suites at some of the biggest firms in these communities, and connections to top–tier Venture Capitalists looking to direct their portfolio companies into value enhancing partnerships.

Aerospace & Defense

The Aerospace and Defense Industry (A&D) comprises of manufacturers who develop spacecraft and aircraft for the military aircraft, commercial aircraft, tanks, missiles, and another weapon related equipment. Companies in the aerospace and defense industry manufacture aircraft engines and engine parts as well as landing gears, propellers, and rotors.

If any A&D or diversified industrial (DI) related company is seeking access to innovation ecosystems across the country, it is imperative for that firm to partner with people tied to the Venture Capitalists (VC), and their portfolio companies, that might be interested in those collaborations.

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Information Technology

The technology, media and telecom (TMT) sectors are often broken up into subsectors, such as semiconductors, Internet, and mobile. TMT typically experiences a high amount of M&A activity as well as IPOs.

As software driven solutions continue to have an out sized impact on the development of integrated systems, Oglethorpe facilitates engagements between venture backed firms in the TMT domain, and larger corporate entities seeking access to innovative approaches that help their firms stay beyond parity with the competition.

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Next Generation Energy

Focused on enhancing existing, or cultivating new technologies for the generation of power and energy.

The legacy of NGE innovation tied to the public sector is vast, yet it seeks to remain relevant to the expanding environment of commercial market driven activities. Oglethorpe facilitates engagements between public and private sector entities working to unlock the hidden value that resides in the government–run technology incubators across the country.

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Opportunities ahead!

Oglethorpe is uniquely positioned to cultivate opportunities in these sectors due to exemplary past performance and an extensive network of contacts forged after almost twenty years of servicing public sector clients around the world. We also seek to strategically advise these same entities to operate at maximum efficiency in order to achieve the greatest value for their stakeholders.