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While located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Oglethorpe Capital leverages the example established in Savannah long ago by General Oglethorpe: Creating value for investors while maintaining strong principles that do not sway with the times.


Oglethorpe provides value to cutting edge, venture backed firms by leveraging an extensive network of regulators, entrepreneurs, and Subject Matter Experts (SME) across the public and private sectors.


It is this network that generates exposure to high potential opportunities. We increase a firm's enterprise value through strategic process improvement and organizational structure optimization.

Why Oglethorpe

Power to change everything.

Several opportunity seeking private equity firms extend into the same financial and social circles, exhausting these networks and leaving other avenues unexplored. Through the exploration of the nexus of information sharing between firms that serve both the public and private sectors, Oglethorpe is in a unique position to provide advisory services and is a powerful strategic partner.


Oglethorpe leverages its relationships with senior members in government and the investor community to complete transactions in the most efficient and cost effective way possible.

Exclusive Insight
Exclusive Insight
Real Results
Real Results
Expert Evaluation
Expert Evaluation

Oglethorpe Capital is committed
to building long term success for our clients.

Our Philosophy

Professional Excellence

Our investment discipline is based on twenty plus years of public and private sector experience and extensive research into what truly drives value for investors. Oglethorpe focuses on providing results for optimal productivity for the long-run rather than attractive ventures that only provide short–term quick self-gratification and do not generate lasting value. Our primary focus is to produce liquidity events for our clients through significantly increasing enterprise value.




Our Founder

Sean Singleton

Sean’s vision for Oglethorpe Capital is rooted in his years of experience at J.P. Morgan Private Bank and J.P. Morgan Investment Bank in Chicago, New Orleans and San Francisco. While working for J.P. Morgan’s Private Bank, Sean became expert at tailoring financial solutions to fit the needs of high-net-worth individuals. During his time at J.P. Morgan’s Investment Bank, Sean honed his marketing skills and analytical know-how, through performing broad financial evaluations in support of client pitches and examining transaction execution, including valuation, Leveraged Buyout (LBO), merger consequences and financing alternatives for middle and large market corporate enterprises.

Prior to J.P. Morgan, Sean was a client sales executive for Electronic Data Systems and Computer Sciences Corporation, where he worked with public-sector clients in the Departments of Defense, Homeland Security and State to improve organizational efficiencies. Sean migrated into this role after serving as an Air Force officer in the F-22 Systems Program Office and a Special Agent with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI).



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